Who we are

We are Going Gnome

Our shop  - Off the Beaded Path - is located in the heart of the Berkshires, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  

323 Main Street

Great Barrington, MA 01230 usa

phone: (413) 528-6111

Sisters: Melissa and Jennifer VanSant are the shop owners.

Thank you for shopping at Going Gnome!

"My sister Melissa and I launched this website to get our needle felting kits out there to the broader felting community.  We take our gnomes and needle felting kits to shows and wool festivals up and down the East coast, and people felt (get it) they needed a place to reach us - so here it is!  If you aren't too bored yet, read on...

We opened our bead and scrapbooking store, Off the Beaded Path, in 2005 here in Great Barrington, MA.  over the years we fazed out the scrapbooking and started carrying needle felting goods.  We have absolutely fallen in love with needle felting! It is quick, easy, creative, and fun.   Going Gnome, the combination of the natural world and fantasy, was the next logical step in our growing enterprise.  We both enjoy the whimsical quality of the kits we make, and they keep selling!  People keep sending us pictures of their creations, what a feeling, to share something we feel passionately about with others."

Happy felting!



Why every Home needs a Gnome:

Originally found only in Scandinavia and Siberia, Gnomes are now found throughout the world, and are one of the the most common types of wee folk.  Related to Fairies, Elves, and Sprites, Gnomes closely resemble small humans and are characterized by their large beards and pointed hats.  Many people have never been fortunate enough to see a gnome, but should you be strolling through your garden on a quiet evening and happen to spot a tiny man among your plants, do not be alarmed, but count yourself among the fortunate few to have a spotted a true gnome.  Although typically shy, if a Gnome decides you are of a suitable temperament, they may begin to allow you to see them more frequently.  And if these good natured, magical folk do decide to inhabit your house or garden, they will not merely spend their days partying (which they do a lot), but will encourage strong growth in your garden, take loving care of your pets when you are not home, and will bring good luck to your household.